Walk In Tubs are For Everyone

Walk In Tubs are for Everyone!

What You Need to Know About Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in bathtubs, or the so-called safety tubs, allow users to get inside the tub without having to step over a side rail of the tub, usually between 15-24″ , this gets reduced to about 3-6″ making it a lot safer for anyone to use a Walk In Tub rather than a conventional bathtub . Walk in Tubs come with a built-in door that allows you to take a low step right into the Walk-In Tub. The doors on a walk in bathtub come with a seal, that when closed becomes watertight, along with the water pressure pushing against it, this seal is guaranteed for life.   Just like the standard bathtubs, Bathe Safe walk-in Tubs come with hand-held shower nozzles. You can also purchase these walk-in tubs with therapeutic air jets or whirlpool water jets to get out all those aches and pains, and even improve circulation.

Not just for the Elderly and Disabled Population

Walk-in Tubs were designed mainly for the elderly or the handicapped but have grown more popular among the general population. Anyone looking for a whirlpool tub, who doesn’t want that 20″ lip to step over is in the market for a walk in bathtub, not just the disabled, elderly or handicapped.  Walk-in bathtubs are most helpful to those who actually have an infirm or elderly person in the house and make for a great option when having an additional bathroom.

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