Walk In Bath Solutions for Seniors

As we get older, many people find it increasing difficult to manage their activities of daily living. Simple tasks that, not so long ago, they took for granted, now are not just difficult, but downright dangerous. No place is that more true than in the bathroom, and while some may consider a walkin bath a mere convenience…even a luxury, the fact is, that for many folks, they are an absolute necessity. If you or anyone who is close to you has trouble moving, walking, sitting or standing, you will appreciate how much simpler bathing is, with the multitude of safety features inherent in a walkin bath.

Whether your loved one is suffering from fibromyalgia, neuropathy, muscular sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis pain or other common ailments that so often come with getting older, then you may already be aware of both the justifiable fear that they have of falling and the challenge of, sometimes severe, daily aches & pains. Studies demonstrate that after age 65, one in three people will fall each year & seniors are five times more likely to be hospitalized as the result of a fall, than for any other cause. Not only do walk in baths reduce the very real risk of bathroom falls, but walk in baths also often come with jetting systems that can both reduce swelling and reduce pain.

From a safety perspective, the reason bathrooms are such a concern is that it’s a confined space, with many hard, slick surfaces. So, a fall there can frequently end in major, life-changing, injuries. Of course, nobody ever believes that they will be the one to experience a debilitating injury in their own bathroom. If they did, then everyone would take the necessary precautions to maximize their safely. Everyone would make the changes to their house to avoid the chronic pain, the surgery, the extended stay in the rehab facility, the mammoth medical bills, and the overall reduction in their quality of life that most commonly comes with a bathroom fall. Sadly, many people wait until it’s too late…and preventable bathroom falls are not prevented. Why? Because, prevention is reliant on healthy, but at-risk individuals taking active steps to maximize their safety, even before they feel that they “really need it”. It’s not unlike the idea of using your seatbelt on a long freeway drive. Of course you don’t start that drive expecting an accident, but you prepare for the worst, all the same. And you thank your lucky stars for that life-saving restraint when the worst comes to pass.

So how, exactly, does a walk in bath improve safety?

One of the most common causes of falls in a bathroom is that a person slips as they’re entering or exiting a standard bathtub or shower. With a standard height step to negotiate, they might be trying to get over a barrier of as little as 6″ or as much as 24″, which is often quite difficult, in and of itself. In addition, they are often trying to get over that step while surrounded with wet floors & without a properly installed grab bar to help them keep their balance. This is just plain asking to become the one in three that will fall this year.

By contrast, a walk in bath offers a low step in, for ease of entry; multiple grab bars, to help the user maintain their balance; slip resistant floors; and high side walls (usually 36″-48″), which not only provides an additional area for a user to grab on to or to lean against, but also offers the tub owner a safety-net of sorts, by making it virtually impossible to fall into or out of the tub. Since most back injuries to care givers take place when a care giver is attempting to prevent the person they’re assisting from falling, the combination of these high side walls, slip resistant floors, low point of entry and the multiple grab bars increases safety for the care provider as well.

Another common challenge for users of traditional baths is that, if they are fortunate enough to get in to their traditional bathtub to take a bath, the next difficulty is getting back out. If balance or lower body strength is an issue, many people end up sitting in their bath for hours, sometimes days, before they either get help or muster the strength to get out on their own. A walk in bath solves this issue by providing a contoured seat that is the same height as a normal dinner chair, making it infinitely easier to sit & more importantly stand and exit the walk in bath.

Now, as we all know there are many body styles and levels of ability, fortunately, as the premier manufacturers of walk in baths, we have created a robust product line that truly has something for everyone. So, whether you are in need of a super compact unit to replace a small shower, a standard sized unit to replace a standard bath, or an oversized unit for people who require more space, we have what you need. In fact, we even offer baths for people who are wheelchair bound, that allow the user to slide in to the tub, without having to take a single step. Each of these models offer the same level of safety and comfort; the same level of quality and attention to detail; and the same luxurious amenities that will make your new walk in bath a fine addition to your home.