Fall Prevention Long Island

Fall Prevention Long Island

Did you know that every day inthe United States 5,000 adults age 65 and above are hospitalized due to fall-related injuries?
CDC National Center for Injury Prevention  and Control Common fall risks include:
• fallen before
• balance problems
• muscle weakness
• problems walking
• arthriƟ s
• depression
• memory problems
• hazards in the home
• taking many medicaƟ ons
• vision problems


Stay healthy, independent, and strong by following these easy steps:
Find out your fall risk

  • Talk with your doctor about your fall risk, especially if you have any of the risks listed
    Review your medications
  •  Bring all your medications to your pharmacist or health professional at least once a year
  • Ask about any side effects and ways your medications may affect each other

    Have your vision checked

  • Have an eye doctor check your vision and eyeglass prescriptions each year

    Engage in regular physical activity

  • Ask your doctor what types of activities are best for you
  • Make an activity plan that fits with your interests and what you are able to do
  • Do exercises that improve lower body strength and balance

Check your home and make changes for safety

  • Use a home safety checklist or get a referral from your doctor for a professional (such as an occupational therapist) to check your home for fall risks
  • Remove clutter
  • Improve lighting in rooms, hallways, and stairwells
  • Install grab bars and handrails inside and outside the home
  • Consider placing a phone in every room and/or getting an emergency alert response system to use in case of a fall

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