Benefits of Walk In Bath Tubs

Walk in bathtubs provide numerous benefits to the people who use them. While walkin bathtubs are most commonly associated with seniors and other people who are mobility challenged, anybody can appreciate the handy design of these tubs. Several alternatives are available and consumers can choose the option that works best for their bathroom’s configuration, their level of ability and their budget.


The unique design of a walk in bathtub is interesting to many individuals who are concerned for either their own or a loved one’s safety & comfort. Among the most popular features of these beautiful products are the nonslip seats & floors, which, of course, prevent accidental falls; the low entries which take 8-12 inches off of the height of most standard bathtubs; the ADA height seating, which makes it easier not only to get in, but, perhaps more importantly, to get out of the walk in bathtub; the high side walls, which enable the user to get a really good, deep, soak; the handheld showers which enable users to wash their hair or backs, even from a seated position; the jetting systems, which are designed to ease everyday aches and pains as well as to increase circulation & reduce swelling; multiple grab bar installations to help users to get in & out more safely; a stainless steel frame; and door seals that are guaranteed never to leak. Some walk in bathtub models are even available for individuals who are wheelchair bound, which have wide, outward opening, doors…and seats at the optimal height to allow the user to slide, laterally, on to the seat.

Style Choices

A variety of walk in bathtubs are available to choose from, varying in height, width, length, manufacturing style, hardware, jetting system & warrantee. The wide range of options to select from ensures that every client can find a walk in bathtub that will both fit in their home & meet their long term needs. Below, we explain some of the differences between some of our popular models.

The Elite Series

The Elite Series is our most popular walk in bathtub product line. The smallest size is designed to replace larger shower stalls and is 26″L x 46″W x 38″H. The largest models in this line are 36″ x 60″ x 38″. Of we also have models in this line that are taller, for those interested in soaking right up to their chin. All of the models that are part of the Original Series include safety bars, slip-resistant flooring & a handheld shower for ease of use. The seat height is 17 inches on most all the products in this line, so they are ADA compliant. These walk in bathtubs come in a white or cream color and offer between 6 and 24 jets…air jets, water jets or dual spa jets, for those who prefer both. All of the products in this line can be created with either a right or a left hand door & all doors seals are included in the lifetime warrantee. As with all of the walk in bathtubs that we offer, most parts of the bathtub carry a lifetime warranty, and all remaining parts have five year warranty (among the longest warranty in the industry) so you can rest assured that you will have a quality tub that will last.

Compact Walk In Bathtub Options

The Space Saver Series offers the same characteristics of the Original Series, including the slip resistant floor and seat, the grab bars, the ADA compliant seating, the 3 different jetting options, the lifetime warranty, etc., however it is specially designed to make it possible for installation in a smaller space and can often fit inside the space of a small shower stall. The two sizes that are available are 32″ x 38″ x 38″ and 27″ x 39″ x 37″. To maximize space for safe entry and exit, the doors on these models swings outward & of course carry our lifetime warranty against leaks.

Acrylic Series

While all of our walk in bathtub models are manufactured with marine grade fiberglass (meaning they’re built like a yacht), we have recently introduced our Acrylic Series. These units carry the same features & benefits of our fiberglass models, however for those who prefer an acrylic option, we now make that available.

The Transfer

These units, while commonly referred to as a walk in bathtub, are actually slide in tubs and are ideally suited for men and women who are wheelchair bound. We offer two models…one that is 60″ in length & another that is 52″ in length. Both feature outward swinging doors & easy access.

No matter what type of walk in bathtub you select, you will absolutely love the comfort, safety & convenience that it provides!

To learn more about choosing the correct style for you, just give us a call!