Senior Home Modification Long Island

Floors and Rugs
፜ Arrange furniture and remove cluƩ er so there are clear walking pathways
፜ Remove or secure throw rugs and scaƩ er mats with gripper rug pads
Indoor and Outdoor Stairs
፜ Take your Ɵ me! Rushing is a major cause of falls
፜ Keep stairs free of cluƩ er and consider installing handrails on each side
፜ Keep stairs well lit and mark edges of steps with contrasƟ ng tape or paint
፜ Place non-skid strips on tub or shower fl oors and secure bath mats
፜ Securely install grab bars in the tub, shower and next to the toilet
፜ Install adjustable height shower heads or a hand-held shower head
፜ Place heavier and frequently used items within easy reach
፜ If you have to climb to reach items, use a sturdy stepladder with safety bar/handgrip
፜ Use a long-handled reacher for lightweight items on high shelves
፜ Put a lamp in an easy to reach place by the bed
፜ Use a night light to mark the path between your bedroom and bathroom
፜ Consider siƫ ng down when dressing and using long-handled shoe horns
The research is clear. People want to live independently in their own homes as they age.
Making simple changes (home modifi caƟ ons) can help. So why don’t more people make these
changes? Consider these common myths . . . and the realiƟ es.

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