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Bathe Safe Tub Cuts

Bathe Safe Tub Cuts


The Bathe Safe Tub Cuts product and installation method is designed to provide a low cost, minimally invasiveĀ  option for seniors or others with limited mobility who are interested in easier access into their existing bathtub. This option of a tub cuts is not usually our first choice, but for someone who needs a quick, low cost fix to stepping over their existing bathtub wall and is not looking to ever bathe again, this option can be a good fit.

Bathe safe Tub Cut

Bathe Safe Tub Cut

Installation of the Bathe Safe Tub Cuts includes cutting a section of the existing tub and custom fitting the resulting opening with the bathe safe tub cut step. The Bathe Safe Tub Cut Step can be installed in most types of bathtubs, including – fiberglass, steel or even cast iron!

Benefits and features of the Bathe Safe Tub Cuts Step include:

  • InstallationĀ by a Bathe Safe Tub Cut sProfessional
  • Eliminates the need to rip out the existing tub. Installed in the existing tub.
  • Provides easier access into existing bathtub.
  • Reduces the possibilities of falls while entering and exiting the bathtub.
  • Typically Installed in less than one day.
  • Cost to install bathe safe tub cuts step is low.
  • Inexpensive solution for personal residences, senior housing, and other locations.

    Tub Cut By Bathe Safe

    Tub Cut Provided by Bathe Safe on Long Island

Bathe Safe Tub Cut Product Specifications:

  • Creates a pass through 24 inches wide and approximately 8 inches deep.
  • Other models available if cut must be more than 8 inches.
  • Three (3) sizes based on the tub rail/wall allow the tub cut to be utilized in most bathtubs.
  • Available in cream and white!




Bathe Safe Tub Cut Step

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