Walk In BathTub FAQ

Walk In BathTub FAQ

How does the seal tight door work?

The Walk In Tub‘s water tight door seal system forms a hydrostatic seal when compressed by latching the door. Additionally, the weight of water inside the tub further compresses the door seal making it completely leak proof.

Can it also be used as a shower?

Yes. Our Roman tub faucet set comes with a hand-held extendable shower head which mounts into the deck or on the wall. This allows for the bather to keep the body warm during fill and drain times as well as stand and take a shower if they wish. You can use our tub as a regular shower with the included riser rod, which adjusts, to your preference.

How is the Walk In Bathtub installed into my existing bathroom?

You don’t need to remodel your bathroom since our tubs fits into a traditional 60-inch tub space. We also make several walk-in tub models and sizes to fit any existing condition. Our tubs come in both right hand and left hand models to accommodate any bathroom layout.

Is there a warranty with my tub?

Most of our tubs are covered by a lifetime warranty for the stainless steel frame, the tub mold, door, door seal and the door gasket. Check our warranty page for details

What kinds of tests are performed on the tub before their shipped?

All of our tubs are inspected in our factory prior to shipping; no detail or function is overlooked. The pump and jets are tested for 24 hours in your tub for leaks, malfunctions and overall performance. Once your tub is fully functioning, and can be covered under our comprehensive lifetime warranty, it is drained, dried and carefully crated for shipment.

Who handles installation?

We do. You sit back and relax. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Do you offer jetting systems?

Yes, we offer 2 styles of jetting systems. The first is the air jet system. This system pushes warm air through the jets to provide a soft, gentle,bubbling massage, it also comes with a three speed control variable motor. The second jetting system is like the traditional whirl pool, allowing water to be pushed through the water jets. This type produces a bit more intense massage, water is pushing through the jets and as well, has a three speed motor. We do offer most tubs with either or both systems.