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Custom rail stair lifts(curved)

These are normally much more unusual and costly than those with straight rails because they have to be
manufactured to suit the individual staircase (curved stairs). This sometimes involves careful measurement,
design and manufacturing.  Bathe Safe uses state of the art imaging to design the stair lift so that it is custom
fit and perfect for your individual staircase. The installation process usually takes longer than for a straight
domestic stair lift. Curved rails or custom rails can be created with a rail system that fits together as a track
system. It works by the installer carrying a number of different sections of rail. These are then built at the
customers premises following the curve of the stairs. This new system removes the need for a custom rail
to be made of the customer premises.

Bruno Elite Custom

Bruno Elite Custom Stairlift

Bruno Elite Custom Stair Lift

Bruno’s Elite model is one of the finest stair lifts in the industry. This high quality stair lift features an ultra-compact design, and provides superior performance. The elegant design provides a new standard for accessibility in your home, while complementing your home’s beautiful decor.


  • Up to 400-pound capacity
  • Powered by two 12-volt batteries and outlet power for continuous use, even during a power outage
  • Audio/visual diagnostics on board for proper operation and service
  • Travels an average 25 feet per minute
  • Safety sensors will stop the unit whenever an obstruction is encountered
  • Large padded seat and back with adjustable arm width and retractable seat belt
  • Set seat height and leg rest height independently of each other
  • Two wireless call/send remote controls
  • Locking offset swivel seat makes entering and exiting easy
  • Safest and easiest rail to clean in the industry
  • Seamless start and stop motion and smoothest ride in the industry
  • Seat, arms and footrest flip up allowing plenty of space for others
  • Straight rail installs within six inches of the wall

Handicare Vermeer

Handicare Vermeer Stairlift

Handicare Vermeer: Our multi-storey stair lift/ curved stair lift
Now available for up to 7 floors!

The Handicare Vermeer is known as the lift that can connect multiple floors (on average 4 to 5) and cover extremely long stretches. We have recently introduced new and improved motors that have allowed us to extend the stretch this lift can cover by about 2 fl oors, up to a total length of 115 feet! This makes this stair lift an excellent choice for longer stretches.

The Vermeer stair lift is the best, and often also the cheapest, solution for access to all floors.


Handicare 2000

Handicare 2000 Stairlift

Handicare 2000 Stair Lift

Stairlift for tight curves: the Handicare 2000

Looking for a stairlift that fits tight against the inside of the stairs?

The Handicare 2000 is unique – no other stairlift on the market can be mounted so close to the wall! The Handicare 2000 stairlift has a twin tube track. The track is available in any colour. The seat on the Handicare 2000 is available in six colours.

With a choice of six different colours for the upholstery and two different colours for the tracks, this stairlift can be tailored to match your home!

The choice of functions on offer from Handicare means that you can tailor your stairlift further to your needs and requirements.

What functions does the Handicare 2000 have?

The Handicare 2000 has a manual fold footplate as standard. This results in the lift taking up the minimum of stair space. The made-to-measure track has also been designed to fit your stairs exactly, leaving as much stair space available as possible.

There is a range of optional extras designed to make the Handicare 2000 even easier to use:

  • Powered swivel seat: Upon arriving at the landing you can swivel the seat round by maintaining pressure on the toggle switch to face the landing, making it easier to get off.
    Powered fold footplate: the footplate can be folded away manually as standard. However, with the auto-fold option the footplate folds away automatically whenever the stairlift is not being used. Therefore, if you choose the powered footplate option it will remove the need for you to bend down to fold or unfold the footplate.
  • Powered hinged track: the hinged track has been designed to avoid the final track section presenting an obstacle at the top of the stairs, for example when the stairs are located next to a door.
  • When the stairlift is not in use the hinge is folded by holding a button on the remote control which means you do not need to move the track yourself. When the button is pressed your stairlift moves up the track and parks, the hinge section then moves automatically leaving the doorway clear.

What are the major features of the Handicare 2000?

  • Tightest inside curve on the market.
  • Can be fitted with automatic options.
  • Supplied with a twin tube track.
  • Supplied with two remote controls.
  • Choice of six upholstery colours.
  • Track available in two colours as standard and any RAL colour to order.
  • Maximum load 115 kg.
  • Maximum load of 137 kg. as optional extra.

Handicare supplies the Handicare 2000 with two remote controls: once the lift has been folded away, it can be sent to the charge point upstairs, freeing up space available in your hallway.

As is the case with all other Handicare stairlifts, this stairlift is fitted with a battery so you can continue to use your stairlift even in the event of a loss of power. This means that you will not have to worry about not being able to go upstairs or downstairs in the event of a power cut.


Handicare Sterling 1000

Handicare Custom Stairlift

Handicare Sterling 1000 Stair Lift

When the Sterling 1000 was designed we considered not just how safe, easy and comfortable it would be to use but also how the lift would look in your home.

Thanks to extensive consultation with leading healthcare specialists the result was a lift that continues to exceed our customers’ expectations. Put simply, no other stairlift on the market offers as many exclusive features and options or looks as good as the Sterling. Whatever your needs Sterling has the stairlift for you. All Sterling seats are supplied with wipe clean, flame retardant upholstery in a choice of four colors. You can even replace upholstery later should you wish to change your color scheme. With a Sterling lift you can regain your independence with compromising your décor. The stylish aluminum track of the Sterling 1000 takes up but a few inches of your stairway. A Sterling hinged track will keep your track clear of doorways or other obstructions at the base of the stairs. This feature is available as a manual or remote controlled powered option. Folded up the Sterling 1000 takes up minimal room at the base of your stairs and its contemporary appearance will compliment any home.

  • Luxury seat: The ergonomically designed Luxury seat comes as standard on the Sterling 101 and 202. With a number of unique and thoughtful features the seat makes using the lift simple, safe, and comfortable. With a choice of upholstery colors it will also look good in your home. A Safety belt is fitted for users requiring more support and safety as they ride.
  • SpaceSaver™ seat: The unique Sterling SpaceSaver™ seat is designed for use on stairs that are narrow and/or where the user is particularly tall. The seat has more depth and can be fitted slightly closer to the wall but still offers the same great features and benefits of the Luxury seat.
  • Perch seat: If sitting and standing presents difficulty or a user has limited hip and knee flexion the Sterling perch seat enables the user to still enjoy the benefits of a Sterling lift. The user rides in a more upright position with the safety belt offering extra security if required.


  • Minimum swivel radius: 28 1/2″ (725mm)
  • Minimum wall to seat back: 5 3/4″ (148mm)
  • Seat depth: 15 3/4″ (400mm)
  • Minimum folded width to footplate: 15 1/4″ (387mm)
  • Minimum open width to edge of footplate: 26 1/2″ (674mm)
  • Armrest width – external: 23 1/2″ (595mm)
  • Armrest width – internal: 17 1/4″ (440mm)


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