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Wood Residential Ramp

We build custom wood modular  handicap wheelchair ramps to fit an individual’s property and help them get safely into and out of the premises. A safe entry/exit is the first order of business for someone suffering a traumatic injury, someone who is wheelchair bound, someone with limited mobility, or for someone that is having trouble getting up and down stairs. We make high-quality wood ramps wheelchair accessible, to ADA ramp guidelines, and the customer’s preference. If you need a ramp that is wheelchair accessible we can assemble it to connect right to your front or side door anywhere in the tri-state area!

Residential Wood Ramp

Wood Ramps are a great choice if you want to match it up to an existing wood deck or wood staircase.  These wood ramps are usually more permanent as they don’t usually remove as cleanly as a modular steel or aluminum ramp.





Modular Wood Ramp

Alpha Care Supply’s Modular Wood Ramp Series is the affordable all-natural ramp solution!
  • Enhance your home with the all-natural beauty of a wood ramp Wood Modular Ramp
  • Kiln-dried premium pressure treated southern yellow pine
  • Can be painted or stained to match existing deck or porch
  • Pressure treated to prevent rotting
  • Easy installation – installs in hours
  • Unique leg design to maximize structural integrity
  • ADA compliant 36″ width
  • Vertical pickets and steps available
  • Wood decking spaced to allow for drainage as well as natural expansion and contraction