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Steel Residential Entry Ramp

Our ADA compliant Steel Ramp Systems are designed for modular or permanent ramp situations. Each section can be used individually or as a component of a larger wheelchair ramp system. A low cost one-time investment, offer the most economical solution for wheelchair transportation. Because the ramp can be moved to different locations, the system usually does not require a building permit for commercial or residential properties.  These ramps are also able to be rented if only required for a short term, and will usually be bought back with in the first three years if the customer no longer needs it.

Steel Residential Ramp

Made from steel that is extra strong and coated, These Steel Access Ramps have a non-skid surface built into a modular wheelchair ramp which provides safe and easy access to and from homes, churches, businesses and other public commercial buildings. Its open grate style allows for dirt, leaves, and other outside debris to fall through the surface and there is virtually no snow or ice accumulation in the winter.







Modular Steel Ramp

Bathe Safe’s Modular Steel Ramp Series is an aesthetically pleasing, yet economical ramp solution.
  • Tuxedo Black color compliments any exterior finish
  • All component are coated with a durable powder coated finish – far more durable than painted steel ramps
  • Textured finish for slip resistance
  • 800 lb. weight capacity
  • Modular design to allow virtually any configuration Steel Residential Wheelchair Ramp
  • ADA compliant 36″ width
  • Easy installation – installs in hours, not days
  • Unique welded cone-mounted hand rail design is more rigid than standard side-bolted handrails