Walk In Bathtub Reviews

Walk In Bathtub Reviews Sites


We urge you not to trust the walk in bathtub review sites, as there are many of these sites out there now.  Most of these sites are owned and operated by one of the walk in bathtub companies that are reviewed on it.  These companies claim to be non biased walk in bathtub review sites, but they actual are biased towards their company and other companies in which they sell to.  If you really want walk in tub reviews, you should contact the company in which you are buying from, and ask them to put you in touch with a few of the customers.  If a Walk in Tub Company will not put you in touch with some of their customers, usually they are hiding something.  You should also check out other review sites, such as Angie’s list, who requires that you prove you have bought a walk in tub from the company before you can leave a review.


Remember that there is nothing like talking to a real customer of a walk in bathtub company rather than reading a walk in bathtub review site that anyone can write on and can and does contain a lot of fake reviews.  Any site that does not have a phone number on it is probably hiding something!

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