Discover the Soothing Relief of Hydrotherapy

Discover the Soothing Relief of Hydrotherapy

  • Total relaxation
  • Reduces stress and nervous tension
  • Reduces overall fatigue
  • Helps correct insomnia
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Proven cure for headaches
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Invaluable relief from joint stiffness
  • Helps with arthritic and rheumatic conditions
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves skin tone
  • Deep muscle stimulation
  • Enhanced recovery from a large array of body pains
  • Improves general health
Arthritis 15-20 min
Fibrositis 20 min
High Blood Pressure 15-20 min
Lumbago 20-25 min
Mental Depression 20 min
Poor Blood Pressure 20-25 min
Rheumatism 20-25 min
‘Rundown Condition’ 15-20 min
Sciatica 20-25 min
Varicose Veins 20-25 min

Modular Wheelchair Ramp

Modular Wheelchair Ramp

Safety, innovation and functionality are behind each ramp design we offer and install.

Our Modular Ramps are virtually maintenance free, our new ramp designs are manufactured 100% in the United States.  Whether it’s our all aluminum, steel or wood design, all of our ramping systems install in hours.

Give us a call today at 1-888-675-6516 and let us quote your ramp and installation today!

Our wheelchair ramps are designed to be modular in design.  This allows us to create many differenct configurations which should cover most applications.  The platforms that we use are 5×6, 5×5, 4×5 and 4×4.  Our standard ramp is 36″ wide and comes in 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ and 8′ long sections.  The sections connect together allowing for us to design and build a ramp run as long as needed.  The height is adjustable with our legs by sliding through a socket that is welded on the side of each section (most ramps).  Adjustable legs can be used on platforms as well.

Our entire system can be customized where needed.  An example maybe a special platform size to fit in a tight area, or changing the width of the ramps better accommodate the end user.


Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Modular Wheelchair Ramps Comparison

Not all Modular Wheelchair Ramps are Created Equal

As with most things, quality can vary from one manufacturer to another. We believe the National Wheelchair Ramps are the finest available on the market today. They are engineered to be easy to assemble, easy to customize, strong, durable and affordable. Here are some things to think about when comparing to other systems.

Our Modular Ramps Ordinary Ramps
ADA Compliant Handrail Loops Available ?
Fast & Easy to Assemble Many other ramps require significant time and special knowledge or skills to assemble.
No Hazardous Nuts or Bolts Protruding into the Usable Ramp Area ?
Delivered Price, Price Quotes – No Added Fees, No Surprises Some other companies have additional charges for shipping, delivery, unloading and other misc. fees.
Handrails with “captured fasteners” so you have a smooth, obstacle free railing. Some other ramp handrails are bolted or riveted together, sticking out where you can catch things on them.
36inch Usable Ramp Width ?
750 lbs Weight Capacity ?
3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty in the USA Other ramp warranties vary. What good is a warranty if the manufacturer is in China?
Fast one day installation ?

ADA Ramp Requirements

ADA Ramp Requirements & Modular Wheelchair Ramp Guidelines & Specifications

Modular Wheelchair Ramps are Designed to meet or exceed ADA Guidelines & Specifications, OSHA Guidelines and IBC2006 Standards for Wheelchair Ramp Handicapped Access

All our rectangle platforms are designed so that the ramp can attach to any of the four sides. This allows you to go right, left or straight on the same platform. You can also attach two or more platforms (same size sides) together to make large decks or platforms. All the handicap ramp and platform support legs are independently adjustable for easier installation on uneven ground.

ADA Ramps and Platforms Specifications
(custom sizes available)
Weight Capacity Usable Width Width to Outside of Handrails
6 Foot ADA Ramp Sections 100 lbs. per Square Foot 48″ 55″
5′ x 5′ Platform
(Standard Size)
100 lbs. per Square Foot 60″ x 60″ 64″ x 64″
6′ x 6′ Platform 100 lbs. per Square Foot 72″ x 72″ 76″ x 76″
Handrail & Curb Specifications
Guardrail (picket) Height 42″
Standard Handrail Height 34″
Child (optional) Handrail Height 22″
Handrail Diameter 1 1/2″
Support Legs Independently Adjustable



Consider a Vertical Platform Lift

Consider a Vertical Platform Lift

Are you or a loved one a wheelchair or scooter user? If so, you understand the importance of accessibility that works for you. That’s why Bathe Safe offers portable ramps, modular ramps, commercial ramps, elevators, vertical platform lifts, walk in bathtubs, and barrier free showers. Each option offers different benefits for users and caregivers.

Have you ever considered a vertical platform lift for your wheelchair or scooter? It could be perfect for you and your home! Read on to find out the benefits of installing a vertical platform lift at your home or business.

End the difficulty and discomfort of leaving your wheelchair

Ramps are great products for getting into many homes, but for some homes it may not be doable.  If your home has a very high rise, then it may be difficult to have a ramp that is long enough.  Space is often the issue when talking about a ramp, as ramps should be 1 foot or ramp for each inch of rise.  Vertical platform lifts can make it easy to get into that second story, and works much like an elevator.

End the difficulty and discomfort of leaving your wheelchair

Stair lifts in your home are great for some wheelchair users or people who have difficulty with their stairs, but transferring yourself or being transferred from your wheelchair on to a lift can be stressful. With a Vertical Platform Lift from Bathe Safe, you don’t have to leave your wheelchair to be transported up or down a level of stairs. It’s easier than ever to visit and enjoy your second story or a porch or deck outside!

Feel safe and confident as you are lifted

If you feel uncomfortable riding a stair lift, then the safety and stability features of the Vertical Platform Lift will appeal to you. It features a safety rail for added stability on either side of the platform, as well as a gate with a mechanical interlocking latch with magnetic read switch that keeps riders protected and safe from accidents. It also prevents improper use of the lift.

Maintain your independence

With call/send control and a wireless remote control, you can get on and off of your Passport Vertical Platform Lift all by yourself. You won’t need help being transported to another chair and the easy operating system makes it a breeze to control.


We install Vertical Platform Lifts through out Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island New York.  We also service all Five boroughs  Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan(NYC), and the Bronx.  We Also Service Westchester County, Putnum County, Rockland County, Connecticut and New Jersey.


Call Us today for a FREE IN HOME Estimate 888-675-6516


Home Senior Accessibility

Home Senior Accessibility

Bathe Safe Home Remodelers has many products that can help our clients get in and out of their homes.  We also have products that make moving around and staying independent in your home manageable.  In fact, adding some form of wheelchair ramp or vertical platform lift to your home’s entrance is one of the best ways to make your home more accessible for those with limited mobility. But once inside, what can you do to make sure those with limited mobility can easily navigate your home?

There are several ways to make changes to your home to increase its wheelchair accessibility. Some of these are do-it-yourself projects that are relatively inexpensive, but others will require professionals to complete the work. You may not need to do all of these, but here are some ideas that might help you.

Basic Home Accessibility Improvements

Many Long Island homes were built in the 1950’s and have very small door ways and hallways.  The first major thing you can do to allow for lesser mobile people and people wheelchair bound, is to widen doorways.  Many times bedroom doorways are too small to get in and out of with a wheelchair, and can be widened to allow for wheelchairs.  Bathrooms on Long Island are usually the smallest doorways, measuring 24″.  A Long Island New York bathroom door, we like to open to a minimum of 28″.  Long Island Front doorways usually measure 32-36″ which should be fine for allowing a wheelchair or walker through and wont need to be changed, although some screen doors do get in the way.

Bathroom Accessibility Improvements

In the bathroom, something as simple as raising the toilet seat’s height can make it easier for someone in a wheelchair to get in and out of their chair if they need to use the toilet. Another way to improve safety in the bathroom is to add grab bars to the tub or shower, which will make it easier for someone in a wheelchair or scooter to transfer from the chair to the tub.  We also recommend taking out any existing bathtubs, as these are usually very hard to get in and out of, and are usually impossible to actually bathe in.  Walk in bathtubs and Barrier Free Showers are also great ideas as they make it easy to bathe and to get in and out of.  Walk in Bathtubs also have many great health benefits including improved blood circulation, easing of aches and pains, and increases your ability to sleep at night.

Home Modifications for Accessibility

Throughout your home, other changes can be made to make it easier to navigate for someone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter, but these will require a bit more work. Doorways can be widened to accommodate the width of a wheelchair, typically to 32” or 36”. Kitchen countertops can be lowered to allow more access and make for an easier reach for someone with limited mobility. Finally, lowering cabinets and widening doors may mean that electric outlets have to be rearranged


Freelift changed its name to Handicare Stairlifts

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Freelift changed its name to Handicare Stairlifts


On July 1st 2010 Freelift changed its name to Handicare Stairlifts. Handicare Stairlifts is one of the largest stairlift manufacturers in the world.

The Norwegian company Handicare AS, was founded in 1986 and has operations in technical aids for elderly and physically disabled people. In order to present one strong brand on the international market as a Handicare business unit, we have decided to change our company name to Handicare Stairlifts B.V.

Even though the name of Freelift changes, the service, quality and relliablity of our stairlifts, remain as the customers are used to. We will continue to operate independently as a stairlift expert, under the company name Handicare Stairlifts. We will continue to deliver the same products and services from the same locations and with the same people; only the company name will change. Our contact details stay the same


Bruno Redesigns Out-Sider® Vehicle Lift Now Lighter and Stronger with Smoother Operation

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Bruno Redesigns Out-Sider® Vehicle Lift

Now Lighter and Stronger with Smoother Operation

OCONOMOWOC, WI – With its simplified name, “Out-Sider” (“Meridian” having
been retired), Bruno Independent Living Aids introduced the redesigned version of
America’s most popular outside lift at the 2013 National Mobility Equipment Dealers
Association (NMEDA) conference in Daytona Beach, FL, February 6-8. The Out-Sider
is now lighter, stronger, smoother, more adjustable and easier to use.
Not only has its name been streamlined, but the new Out-Sider has reduced its model
selection of four down to a more manageable three, and the platform versions down to
two. The increased width of both platforms, 28½”/72 cm, is the largest standard size in
the industry. Bruno offers the Model ASL-250A (with Hold-Tite Foot for scooters); the
Model ASL-250HTP (with Hold-Tite Arm for powerchairs); and the Model ASL-250B
(with 3 retractable/self-tensioning belts for either scooters or powerchairs). All units
feature a reduced ramp angle for a smoother, more gradual drive on/off.
Many other features on the new Out-Sider have been improved, including the
Operating Handle which provides an ergo-friendly hand position with intuitive up/
down switch orientation, while maintaining Bruno’s industry exclusive safety latch for
unintended lowering. The new 2-position Telescoping License Plate Holder (including
light) delivers quick position adjustment. And, with its improved design, the Out-Sider
allows the lift to “nestle” or tilt toward the vehicle, rather than away, giving the user a
greater sense of security.
The Swing-Away has always been one of the most popular options on the Out-Sider,
since it allows the lift to be used on vehicles with a hatchback or tailgate. Now, the
Swing-Away has been strengthened while reducing the weight by 18 lb. At only 30
lbs, and combined with the new ergonomic handle, the Swing-Away provides easier
latching/unlatching and overall ease of operation.


Bruno Launches New Custom Curved Rail Stairlift With Features and Options for Safety and Convenience

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Bruno Launches New Custom Curved Rail Stairlift
With Features and Options for Safety and Convenience

CRE-2110 Custom Curved Rail Stairlift Press Release

OCONOMOWOC, WI – Bruno Independent Living Aids, the leading North American
manufacturer of home accessibility products, has announced the introduction of its new
custom curved rail stairlift, the Electra-Ride III. A beautiful and powerful stairlift that
incorporates all the technological and aesthetic advances existing in today’s accessibility
marketplace, the Electra-Ride III (model CRE-2110) includes a new carriage and stylish
seat from Bruno’s top-of-the-line straight rail stairlift, the Electra-Ride Elite.
Stairlifts provide smooth, safe and comfortable travel up and down staircases for
individuals with mobility challenges. In the case of the Electra-Ride III, exact
measurements of an individual stairway lead to a custom curved rail crafted specifically
for that staircase. No modifications to the stairway are required, and the time between
measurement and installation can be as little as three weeks.
In addition to standard features such as flip-up and adjustable arm widths, an offset
swivel seat at the top, for easier more stable exits, the CRE-2110 also comes with a
direct drive gear box which provides smooth power and renders the operation virtually
noiseless. A new rail clamp design and improved carriage structure deliver an increased
weight capacity of 400 lbs. With charging stations at the top and bottom of the rail,
featuring Soft-Start, Soft-Stop ramping, the CRE-2110 is always ready to perform, even
during temporary power outages to the home.
Other optional features on the Electra-Ride III include: a power swivel seat; a power
folding footrest; a larger seat in both width and depth; a larger footrest; and seven
different upholstery options to complement any home. For those staircases which have a
landing between the top and bottom, the CRE-2110 offers an optional mid-park position
with a charging station


Walk In Bathtub Information

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Walk In Bathtub Information


What do I need to know before buying a walk in bathtub?
Become informed – learning about walk-in bathtub construction, materials, finish, faucets, features and available options can help the process significantly. Be skeptical of companies that will not discuss pricing over the phone. You’ll quickly find that there are countless options for these products and most companies tout their tub as the best. A few quick phone calls should differentiate the professionals from the companies looking to give you their sales pitch.

Why are walk-in bathtubs priced so differently?

Pricing often depends on the quality of the tub and the companies overhead due to outside salesman and outside companies doing their installs. An imported tub from overseas that is bought in bulk and shipped straight from the dock can be sold for much less. Many of these companies will not replace broken parts or be there if you need assistance. These tubs may only be a “soaker tub” / a tub with no jets. They advertise a low price but as you add features such as faucets and air jets and hydro jets they will often end up costing more, be of poor quality, and have little to no warranty. Companies with large overhead usually have the most expensive tubs because the have several layers of people that will get paid.

Why can’t I get a price over the phone from so many of these companies?
Pricing may be relative to how much the company’s salesman thinks he can get. You’ll find that many companies will start the price out very high ($17,000 – $25,000) for the tub and installation. The salesman then applies a series of “Discounts” until he gets to the “buy today” best deal price. Be prepared for a sales representative to set up in your home for a long sales pitch that will likely include discount gimmicks and pricing games. They won’t give you a price over the phone because the salesman needs to size up his customer, and figure out how much he can get them to pay. Don’t go with a company that will not give you a price range over the phone, as this will just lead you into a 2-6 hour sales pitch, that will lead you into wanting to kick the salesman out of your home. We recently found a company offering “Free Installation” – Seriously? We have yet to find any professionally qualified installers to install walk-in bathtubs for Free.

How difficult is installation?
Installation can be a lot more complicated than one may realize. Plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work is required to install most walk in tubs. It is best to leave it to the pros when it comes to installation.

Why do companies want to send a Rep to my house for an appointment?
 It will be necessary for a company representative to visit your home in most cases unless you contact one of the experienced companies that allow a knowledgeable representatives to answer calls. We are able to take most measurements over the phone to be able to price out your job before we even come to look at it.  It is best to have one of our trained professionals to take a look at the job site to make sure there is no unforeseen issues and so that we can give a firm price.

There are several different walk in bathtub sizes – what size is right for me?
This depends on the size of your bathroom, existing tub or shower size, and the weight and height of the user. 

What is the difference between an “air jet” system and a “water jet” hydrotherapy system for walk-in bathtubs?
An air-jet system will blow warm air into the water creating a light hydrotherapy massage. A water-jet system uses a water pump to produce streams of water. The water-jet system will produce a more concentrated massage, and the heater systems are often more effective on water jet hydrotherapy systems. 

Will the jets “hurt” or be uncomfortable?
Bathe Safe’s jetting system comes standard with controls and speeds for both the air and water jet systems. This allows the user to increase and decrease the pressure of the water coming out of the water jet system & increase and decrease the air flow pressure as well. Ask a knowledgeable staff member of Bathe Safe about the jetting systems. 

How long does it take for walk in tubs to drain?
It really depends on the existing plumbing. If your current tub drains at a good pace a walk in tub will as well. Usually it will take 2 to 4 minutes for the tub to drain if the tub is installed correctly and existing drain lines operate properly. If a tub takes an unusually long time for a walk in tub to drain, it was likely installed incorrectly. Have a qualified professional check the drainage configuration.

How long should it take for a walk-in tub to fill?
Factors that will affect how long it takes are water pressure at your home and the size of the walk-in tub. It can take 2 + minutes for a tub to fill. Many companies offer sizes, but remember to consider the size of a user when considering smaller tubs.

What size water heater do I need for a walk in bathtub?
A properly functioning 40 gallon tank should be sufficient for a standard sized walk in tub. The oversized walk-in tubs may require a larger size.

Can a walk-in bathtub be installed in a home that is built on a concrete slab?

My current tub is surrounded by tile on the walls – can a walk-in bathtub be installed in that space?
Yes, a walk-in tub can be placed right up against the tile or the tile may be removed and either re-tiled or have an Acrylic or FRP surround installed. There are several options that can go in place of tile.

My current tub is a combination bathtub and shower (one-piece) – can a walk-in tub be installed in that space?
Yes, after removal of the tub / shower unit, a walk-in tub can be easily installed. A wall surround is often put around the tub but their are many options to put around your new walk in bathtub.

How can I replace my oversized tub (garden tub, jacuzzi style bathtub, extra-large tub) with a walk in bathtub?
Since most walk-in tubs are designed to fit in a variety of spaces, the bigger the space the more options you will have. Shelves on the back and sides are often built in to fill space without having to replace flooring.

What is the difference between acrylic and fiberglass?

Tubs will typically be made of Fiberglass with a Gel-Coat finish or Fiberglass with an Acrylic Coating. Either design is acceptable, but you will want to note the thickness of the shell. Tub Companies & Consumers alike often compare Fiberglass to Acrylic – Tub shells are constructed of a combination of Fiberglass & Resin (the tub shell), which gives the walk-in tub its rigidity. This shell is the coated with either Gel-Coat (a non-porous coating that is applied similar to paint) or Acrylic (a heated and stretched plastic-type material). We’ve found that the Gel-Coated tubs may be  more durable and less likely to crack and/or fade over time.

Fiberglass is made of finely ground glass particles compressed onto a mold in several layers and then bonded together using a resin. Fiberglass is extremely lightweight, inexpensive and durable and does not require any additional reinforcement. To achieve a hard, and durable high-quality finish, a gelcoat is applied to the finished fiberglass mold. The outer layer of marine craft are often made with gelcoated fiberglass and provide excellent resistance to the rigors of heat and water, two things your walk-in tub will have to sustain. The gelcoat is designed to be durable and easy to maintain, and if there is damage, gelcoated fiberglass surfaces can be easily repaired with great success and repairs are permanent and virtually invisible.