Bathe Safe Walk In Bathtubs of Missouri

Thank you for visiting Bathe Safe Walk In Bathtubs of Missouri, The premier Walk-In Bathtub Company for all your needs in Missouri! There are many imitators, but only one walk in bath company who really cares about its customers. We have more than fifteen years of experience building, selling and installing walk in bathtubs for seniors. Not only do we make the finest walk in bathtubs on the market, we offer the walk-in bathtubs with the longest warranty and have an unparalleled selection of walk in bathtubs. No matter your situation, we have a walk in tub that will work for you for the rest of your life.

Our Missouri Walk In BathTubs Dealer guarantees 100% satisfaction on every job. Our Missouri Walk In Tubs and Showers dealer has one mission. Their goal is to help people in Missouri who have mobility problems have a better life. Our Wak In Bathtubs offer both safety and comfort and you will feel like you are in a luxury spa!

As you’re considering which walk in tub to get, be sure to keep that last phrase in mind, “for the rest of your life”. You want to consider not only your current ability level, but what you anticipate your mobility to be like years from now, that way when you make your selection, it will be the last modification you should have to make in your bathroom.

The inherent danger in using a standard 12″-20″ tall tub are twofold…first, if a user were to fall while inside the tub, it is very likely that they would fall over the wall of the tub and out, onto the floor. Second, when entering or exiting a standard tub (the most common time for a user to fall or for a care-giver to be injured, while preventing a fall), even missing that 12″-20″ step by a sixteenth of an inch can result in serious injury or worse.

By contrast, the dinner-chair-height seat and high side walls (between 36″ and 47″ tall) built in to our walk in tubs for elderly and mobility challenged users, makes it virtually impossible for the user to fall out and keeps your loved one safe and healthy.

Another significant consideration regarding walk in bathtubs for seniors, and others who are mobility challenged, is that the actual act of entering the tub is made considerably safer. With a low step-in and a stainless steel framework built into the walls of our walk-in bathtubs, the user can use the strength of their upper body to grasp the tall side-wall of the walk-in tub as well as the provided grab bar. With the combination of places for both hands to grasp, coupled with the low threshold of the walk in bath, it is no wonder that users of walk in bathtubs for elderly and mobility challenged users enjoy a safer & more enjoyable bathing experience.